Firefighters Fighting Blaze at Sylvan Beach House 02/25/2022

UPDATE: 02/25/2022 1622 Eyewitness Joe Cieslak took the video shown in this post.

Cieslak says that he was outside snow blowing his neighbor’s driveway when he saw the smoke. Said Cieslak:

,I ran down to see what was going on and called 911. Then I went to the house next door and knocked and rang the doorbell then tried the door and it was unlocked so I went in to see if anyone was in there. I yelled and went to all the rooms and didn’t see anyone. I looked for pets and found (two) guinea pigs in a cage and tried to pick them up but they were scared. Then there was an explosion that lit up the whole house so I picked up the big cage they were in and dragged it out of the house.,

Cieslak praised the firefighters. He said that he saw them going in the house afterward to retrieve some of the sentimental things inside. Among the items was a flag that they gave to the residents. “That,” he says, “was touching to see. It got me. The firefighters did a great job.”

He says that two houses were destroyed in the fire. The fire started at the corner house and the wind blew it to the other house. WIBX has reached out to authorities but there is no word yet on exactly what caused the fire. Firefighters say they are still investigating.

Cieslak says that a house about two houses down on the same street burned about ten years ago. During that fire he saved a dog that was inside the home. “With the wind in the winter the old houses, made of wood, burn easily.”

When he was called a hero, Cieslak shook it off, and said that he was “just there” and did not think about it.

UPDATE: 02/25/2022 1510 Firefighters have contained the fire. Authorities are investigating. There is still no word yet on whether anyone was inside the home.

If you live in Sylvan Beach, you’re asked to avoid the area of ​​the fire.

Original Story:

This is a developing story and more information will be posted as soon as it is available.

The above video was taken by: “Sylvan Beach Joe C” on Facebook.

Authorities are working an active house fire in Sylvan Beach.

The fire is fully engulfed a home located at the intersection of Park Avenue and 17th Avenue in Sylvan Beach Village.

Screenshot from Facebook via SylvanBeachJoeC
Screenshot from Facebook via SylvanBeachJoeC

The fire was reported at 1:26pm on Friday, February 25, 2022.

Multiple fire agencies have been called to assist including:

    • Sylvan Beach
    • Camden
    • canastota
    • Cascade I
    • chittenango
    • Cleveland
    • Durhamville
    • Florence
    • Lee Center
    • McConnellsville
    • North Bay
    • Taberg
    • Vienna
    • Vineall
    • wampsville

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